Friday, 2 September 2011

Cardinal George Pell's Homily 17/08/11

We have heard today, of Peter and Paul's different ways of faith. Paul showed evidence of things not seen (in Hebrews). He was an intellectual. N.T. Wright said that his image of Paul was solidified when he saw an image on tv of an Islamist terrorist, he was zealous and fanatical. He translated all the promises from God to Israel and centred them in Christ.

Peter was a very different kettle of fish, he was a fisherman from Galilee, not only that but one of the leading fishermen in Caepernaum. He would have been well set up. Because of his faith Jesus chose him, the rock man, rocky. Jesus loved him but he also got on Jesus' nerves. Some of his faith was fundamentally missing. It is easy to understand Peter not wanting Jesus to suffer. The flaw in his faith was that he didn't understand suffering as part of Jesus redemptive plan.

Think of the story of walking on water. When Peter concentrated on Jesus he was ok, when he looked around he was scared and started sinking. It is easy to imagine them saying 'Truly you are the Son of God' when he calmed the storm.

He is telling us today not to be afraid either. Let us pray that our faith will remain strong. Be generous, be servers this will help your faith.

He then talked about the dead sea and how the water can't go anywhere 'I say it's selfish' it has become poisoned. Let us pray that our faith won't be like this.

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